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New Perspectives, New Works – The Collection from 1945 to Today

New presentation of the Collection of Contemporary Art
as of 2 April 2020, Garden Halls

Almost a decade after the opening of the Garden Halls, the Collection of Contemporary Art in the Städel Museum is being presented in a completely new way for the first time. Starting from the central space of the Garden Halls and beginning with major works by the younger and youngest generation of contemporary artists, a history of art after 1945 will be unfolded. Works from various schools, styles and groups facilitate surprising comparisons, perspectives and visual axes between the immediate present and its roots in past decades. Through several narrative strands, the new presentation provides a refreshing access to art after 1945 which consciously enables an experience of the collection based not on chronology but rather on specific themes. The dissolution of the depicted object into abstract, formless paintings is conveyed across several decades, as is the simultaneous entry of gestural painting and its effects on the following decades. The aesthetics of geometry and objects of everyday life, which are repeatedly charged with new meanings and references, are also presented in their various forms and thematic points of reference. On their tour through the open spaces of the Garden Halls, visitors can retrace how the figure finds its way back into the picture, how painting conquers – real – space or how the seemingly competing media of painting and photography find a mutual exchange.

Download the complete press text here.

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